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Friday, 20 July 2018

The BS Meter Is Cranked Up High

The BS meter is cranked up really high at the minute with a number of 'crazy' news stories that the dumbed down Sodium Fluoride drinkers and scrubbers are buying without a problem.

First there is the deceased druggie who was contaminated with an alleged Russian nerve agent when she discovered a perfume bottle close by to where a high profile poisoning occurred back in March this year. She apparently found the perfume bottle, sniffed it and said it smelt funny. Then sprayed herself with the contents!! WTF. The area close to the bench was supposedly sealed off by forensics. Yet 4 months later someone finds the very bottle used to spray the nerve poison on the ex spy??? Don't think so somehow.

Then we have the famous singer wrongly accused by a TV channel of a nasty crime; and in their absence the house raid is undetaken live on TV for entertainment. Now we have the scenario that the TV channel has had its knuckles wrapped. But the whole point of this is a classic 'something must be done' to stop this ever happening again. A classic 'problem-reaction-solution' and the real intention of choosing a famous name to drop this charade around ... high profile enough that courts can rule that this type of thing can only take place in secrecy now. The police raids will remain a hidden hand ... more corroding of our freedoms.

Then the Brexit farce is the weirdest, craziest and most obvious BS of the lot. The rich elite have concocted the whole thing so people think it is the ineptitude of the government that has caused their get on demand to fall through. When in truth it wasn't supposed to happen in the first place, and the rich elite could not be seen in turning against the people. Instead let us blame the government. So people like the evil Blair and the meddling Soros have prevented the majority from getting what they demanded. So the minority can bleed more money out of the UK people.