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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The Memory Body and Beyond

When we first transition from this dimension, to the next, we enter a new sheath. We find ourself in a new form. It resonates to the vibration of our thoughts and our experiences on physical earth. It thus resembles the form you see when you witness yourself in a mirror.

It is thus identical to how you appear now. It is the memory of what you aspired to on physical earth. It is the Memory Body and within its sheath you enter a world identical, perhaps, to the one you left behind.

Until you unlock that form by changing the frequency of your thinking and you dislodge those thoughts that gave that identity. For that is all that holds that temporary sheath together .. the memory of this life, this physical earth. Your existence in the Memory Body is thus as long or as short as you choose. Many remain in that sheath on that higher vibration virtual world ... and traditionally it is called the Spirit World that world they live in. But to call it the Spirit World or world's is false ... for it is located within the astral planes and its but a temporary abode ... it is a memory world.

Once the Memory Body is disassembled ... all thoughts and all thinking of this physical plane no longer controls your vibration. What lies beyond for you depends on what frequency of thoughts you possess beyond that of the discarded Memory Body ...