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Monday, 9 July 2018

The Sheepie Mentality

Psychic mediums .... psychics ... renowned mediums ... mediums .... are all ten to the penny these days. They are cropping up everywhere in large numbers, all spouting the same old same old theories ... not contributing anything new in anyway.

A big flock of sheep all walking round and round following each other ... all chewing on the trampled grass of the tiny field they all find themselves in. All chewing on the unhealthy grass that all the other sheep have pooped on.

Not one of them able to see or think for themselves, for fear of condemnation from all the others for being original and different or unique ... how did it come to this?

And those that do think for themselves, and are unique ... the goats ... are rejected and dismissed by the naive and misinformed public. For surely if you are goat, thinking for yourself, not like all the others then you cannot know what you are talking about? Again, how did it come to this ... the Sheepie Mentality?

When is it going to ever change? Those goat are the pioneers, the ones ahead of their time ... and at some point in the future ... when the goats no longer are around, people will be in need of their guidance and their direction ... but by then it will be too late.