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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Cannabis Prohibition Insults Thousands of Years of Use of This Sacred Plant

Waking Times: Continuing cannabis prohibition becomes even more preposterous in light of a recent archaeological discovery. Many pot promoters are already well aware that the forefathers of the United States utilized cannabis and hemp to become fruitful. Many more are cognizant that the false war on drugs was a way to squelch would-be activists who were fighting against war in Nixon’s time. Looking outside of the trillion-dollar prohibition industry into the archives of history, we can confirm that cannabis was not just accepted, but revered.

A 2,500-year-old cannabis burial shroud was recently unearthed along the Silk Road in Turpan, China. Archaeologists found a grave thought to belong to a 35-year-old male who was wrapped in cannabis leaves. Some of the plants were up to a meter long, and researchers believe they were used ritually. Radiocarbon dating was used to verify the age of the more>>>...