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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Natural or Bought?

There was a time when natural ability meant so much. It was one of the most sought after traits ... it was essential; a trait of paramount importance.

Not anymore. Its all changed, a different wind blows through the trees. And it is a real worry. 

Now, its become more important to have been trained by so called top celebrity professionals and to have attended alleged reputable colleges and 'how to do it for yourself' courses. I describe the state of the 'psychic industry' and what the general public are being drawn in by; glossy and highly professional web sites, with fancy names and perfect photographs; attendance of workshops run by Celebrity Mediums who have been on world wide television; attendance of courses at a college that teaches the psychic arts. So many of these 'shopfronts' have appeared in recent times. They all look the same, sound the same and flash the same neon signs. Warning signs in my book. No amount of training, mentoring, money to attend courses can give someone mediumship ability. It cannot be taught. It has to be natural. 

As a natural gift it does not require being trained and shaped by someone else. A natural gift develops its own shape and its own traits. Yes, it needs a direction, but it has an identity of its own. It is unique and bears its own brand. So many of these shopfronts offer the same thing. There may be different faces and different names but the goods on sale have the smell of 'exploitation'. It is controversial to say this, but so many of those who have offered the training and the courses are out to exploit the vulnerable and the gullible. Many of those who have attended the courses have done so to become fellow exploiters of the gullible and the vulnerable. In other words so many 'shopfronts' have appeared that have been created for the wrong reason. 

Natural ability always has the edge over something that has been contrived. It has a foothold in a person's psyche and a person's conscience. Something which has been there since birth may well be a wild magic or a tool of chaos but it is more potent than something which is based on knowledge alone. Many of the shopfronts are sadly clones of the teacher or the mentor. Sadly these clones carry an accreditation by the celebrity medium which carries so much weight with the general public who are more often than not oblivious to the situation. They know nothing other than the advertising hoarding on the front of these 'shopfronts' and are taken in by the wondrous sweets on sale ...

Natural ability has no chance when these expensive hoardings shine brightest.... sadly many of these accreditations have cost the 'psychic student' tens of thousands of dollars. Their acquired distinctions haven't come cheap ... mediumship cannot be bought no matter how famous or how good the teacher. The general public needs to be re-educated what mediumship really is, and just how rare a phenomenon it is. It is a natural gift and not something that can be bought!