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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Very First Post - 1st November 2006

"Entering The Unknown" by Matthew James 
1st November 2006
A Light In The Darkness

Wednesday 1st November 2006
You know when you've seen an alien! It is not imagination. Just fact. An experience which stays with you for life. You then laugh at the sceptics and the disbelievers out there who try to rationalise and point the accusing finger.

They've not had the experience. So they are not able to criticise. They can only explain it in terms of their own reality. No two individual's realities are the same. We may all see the same collective 'world' but we all exist on different and unique realities ... what is reality for one is not automatically a reality for another.

We all dream the hologram known as Planet Earth.

I saw my first alien - well five in truth - nearly 15 years ago. I was NOT on drugs. I am NOT prone to hallucination. I AM open minded. I have been born with natural awareness - call it clairvoyance, mediumship or whatever other pigeon hole you wish to put it in - and I have always 'seen' and 'heard' ... so it was no problem for me.

I'd woken from sleep that morning. I was not dreaming. I turned to look into my room and there they were. Appearing slowly. Like someone was actually spray painting the very air in the room. Slowly coming into this awareness, this frequency ... they stood watching me. Around four feet in height. Wearing Egyptian like headresses and bodices,with some spinning like appenditure in their midrift. Their bodices were brightly coloured.

I can still see them now all these years later.

I merely gazed at them and then turned over to go back to sleep! With hindsight I should have watched them materialise fully and then attempt to communicate with more>>>...