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Sunday, 16 October 2016

There Should Be No Fear

We would be foolish to accept that this is the most advanced mankind has ever been in its history. There is incredible evidence remaining on this planet to prove otherwise. There are too many unanswered questions, and too many crazy scientific notions ... too much assumption and not enough fact when it relates to the origins of homo sapien.

It all boils down to one face, and one fact alone ... we are being lied to each and every day about the origins of our species and the true nature of our reality.

Past, present and future do not exist outside of the human perception and the five sensory range. We have limited awareness and are little more than avatars for a curious consciousness that wishes to explore its lower aspects by being trapped in a virtual reality software program. Our current existence is nothing more than a cyclic experience - we always get to this same point, as creators of our own oblivion (It seems) - then its back to the beginning again. Civilisations more advanced than our own have been on this planet for possibly billions of years. Each with its own set of rules and its own specialist subject to experience. Ours is not different. Sadly, we are likely to reach this point again somewhere in the future and still make the same mistakes. Whether it is an absolute copy of this life experience, with everything being rewound and started again. Or, there same problems under a different video cover ... the fact remains we never learn as a collective species.

We let ourselves be led by the distinct fear of our own shadows. That fears enables something out there to assume the role of our goalers and our controllers. We let our fears rules over us. That should never happen, because as unique consciousness there should be no fear. When we realise that and can prevent the creation of fear in this thought form reality - that is when we are likely to move on to the next lessons.