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Friday, 14 October 2016

What is Awakening? Sorting Through the Confusion

When you Google ‘awakening’ you are quickly taken down the rabbit hole of signs and symptoms, spiritual ideology and karmic teachings. Topics covering everything from the bible to quantum mechanics come up. What does awakening really mean?

The word ‘awakening’ is contentious. To some, it represents a language of separation perceived in spiritualism. Awake infers asleep. Awake as a term, infers ego, and assumes superiority. This is misleading. There is no judgement. There is only frequencies, the rate at which our cells are vibrating. An organic process of evolution that everyone and everything is experiencing — at their own pace.

A popular image comes to mind, when Ray and Winston are talking about religion, in the original Ghostbusters movie, white ethereal ghostly figures rise into the night sky around them… judgement day. This is the mainstream media machine — this is not what awakening is. There is no judgement, only individuals on their own karmic path. This imagery also infers separation, polarisation. The good rise to the heavens. So what happens to the bad?

Twisted through the lens of the Abrahamic religions and the mainstream media, language like awakening and ascension has over time become contextualised as judgement. But in true awakening, there is no judgement, only an organic process of evolution that happens on a cellular level, quantum vibrations leading to dimensional frequency more>>>...