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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Learner's Folly

Spiritual development is dangerous, but it is also the most incredible experience you can ever have. It is a two edged sword or a two sided coin because it deals with thought form energy; and the energy in question influences the way your think and ultimately the way you act. When it all goes wrong, there is only yourself to blame because it was you who ultimately chose to wander that path. The universe will never chastise you for the choice you make. This universe is after all a curious consciousness that is learning all about itself through all its multiple facets that are the living organisms within its boundaries.

So the right choice of spiritual development is essential as the first step to take. It boils down to the intention you have that sparks your desire to develop your spirit on earth. The right intention, which relates to knowing what your higher self requires for its avatar on earth, is so damn important. Spiritual development is not for party tricks or to impress your friends or family. It is not a toy that can be discarded once you start. It is a way of life and a pathway that has major impacts on your life on this planet.

If you are placed in the wrong hands during the early stages ... when you are the earth sparrow or are wearing the learner plates ... that choice of spiritual teacher can ruin your life, your psyche and your awareness. It can be very damaging for all those around you besides yourself. The folly of jumping in with both feet, too early without prior knowledge of what you are getting yourself in to is more than often a fatal mistake. Naivety and lack of appreciation of the dangers involved with the occult and the supernatural are common place. The fall out from this initial wrong choice of spiritual teacher will ruin your life. Not immediately because in the honeymoon period your ego will create wonderful visionary mirages that conceal what is really happening to you. But once that honeymoon period wears off and your life path is awash with pain, sorrow and disappointment you will be left questioning why this has happened?

Just remember no experience is the wrong experience providing you learn from your experiences and grow through them. Spiritual development has a knack of eventually sensing the right experiences to you for your soul growth. But it also has a habit of teaching you vital lessons often with bitter consequences to overcome - Matthew James