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Monday, 11 June 2018

A Very Dangerous Practice #2

A teacher of car mechanics must first understand how an engine works in order to teach his students. Yes?

A brain surgeon must know how the brain works, and fully understand its topography before undertaking a brain operation. Yes?

The same has to be said of a Heart surgeon? Yes?

The list goes on and on .. and the gist of these paragraphs is that in order for a teacher to teach students, they must know their subject inside out, including how things work and why they work. Agreed?

I came across something very irritating and potentially a dangerous practice. Actually, it is a dangerous practice ... this particular gripe refers to so called Spiritual TEACHERS who haven't a clue how what they pass to their students works! This particular 'high profile' Australian TV psychic openly admits to not knowing how mediumship works, but they still teach it. They broadcast the fact they get their students 'to handle objects belonging to other people in order to get information from it' ... this is known as Psychometry, a widely known form of divination ... yet this teacher hadn't a clue about it, didn't know its name and certainly doesn't teach anything when they let their students practice on their own.

This is disgraceful. Someone who hardly knows what mediumship and other aspects of their field too, should NOT even be a practising medium until they know what they are dealing with ... let alone being a teacher and passing the same naivety and inexperience on to their students. Its diabolical. And this is one of the most popular Mediums in Australia (Or was) ...