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Thursday, 7 June 2018

All Quiet Over The Weekend

DONT PANIC if there are few. or no, posts over the weekend. It's won't be like when there was a serious illness (Back in October 2014) ...

It's just that there is likely to be no hands manning the desk so to speak.

Because of what we will be doing, and where we are going over the weekend ... it may well be that posts will commence appearing on Sunday.

So worry not ... normal service will be resumed, It is indeed very rare to have a day or days with nothing being posted. It has happened before ... in October 2015 like we said and also in July 2008 when we moved from New Zealand to Australia.

We strive to make sure there are a varied choice of topics added on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on this fact. Remember, we don'y get paid to undertake this ... neither do we get consistent donations tor the blog. We avoid advertisements on here ... so its all a voluntary service.

Anyway Ive just been told 'enough' by a clairaudient lady's voice to my left. So I guess that was the signal to sign off for the night. Bye for now.

If we can get a consistent WIFI signal where we will be then there might be some posts appearing!