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Thursday, 7 June 2018

Being 'I am I'

With Starchild 'Clairvoyance' and 'Green Man' incense blends fuming away on a charcoal base, I sit and muse. I ponder what to write, and more importantly, what not to write. 

Due to the copycat nature of certain sheep (A lot of sheep actually) of the Show Pony Arena, I elect to keep the majority of my spiritual and mediumship ideas and ventures secret. I learnt from bitter experience this herd of sheep cannot think for themselves. In days gone by I would diligently announce on social media where I was going; what I was doing and put up examples of my own doctrines and notes. 

I would then witness the copycat effect, with one sheep after another stealing ideas and intellectual property. Then the next phase of this process was the lies and the deceit these 'spiritual beings' would use to steal clients and bragging rights from me. It became so bad that I chose to become the reclusive goat and I withdrew bit by bit from those of that mindset. If they cant think for themselves, they ain't stealing my ideas and then claiming as their own. Thus the veil of invisibility descended and its remained in place every since. I thus reveal little of the spiritual directions I am taking ....

I leave them to it .... and it was hilarious to watch at first. They began turning on each other and became copy cats of copy cats; diluting already mus-interpreted information that the first copy cat sheep barely understood but would churn it out claiming how wise they were. Now their arena is a trampled field of sodden shit. I am away from all that ... and delighted for them all. They are celebrity psychics and international psychic mediums and highly skilled psychics etc etc. They are dependent on titles to exist.

I'm not. I do what I do as I am with no fuss; no website; no extravagant public figure page with bought likes and sponsored posts to attract adorning fans. I keep myself to myself and truly I am I. I know who I am and I'm not interested in the reflections of false and fake ego that reflect at me from the show pony arena. 

I am happy in my own company. I am making adjustments to my life slowly and I ensure it goes in the direction I wish it to. I have jettisoned so much ... and am already gaining small wonders that will accumulate. And it pleases me .... I only need to feel this inside. I've lost the fears that lead to insecurity and self doubt. I'm now working on a fear that prevents certain breakthroughs in my life. But I will get there. Yes I will.   - Matthew James