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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Fearing We're Doing The Right Thing

When something reaches its conclusion, because of our own choice, and our own actions, we often ask if we are doing the right thing?

What if the alternative is worse than what we are leaving behind? 

What happens if this apparent step in a northerly direction, is in fact a trip east or worse south? 

What would have happened if we remained where we were, in our cozy zone of familiar turf? Surely things are not as bad as we thought, when we initiated the chain of events that brought about the conclusion?

How do we deal with it if our decision proves to the wrong one? And we end up worse than we were before?

The answer is a simple one, life is all about trying our hand at different things. Its not about becoming stagnant by remaining rooted to the same spot. Its about getting ourselves out of comfort zones and facing our fears. Its not about putting up with things that are not right in our life, for the sake of staying on familiar turf. In order for us to initiate a change and will a conclusion to occur, there has to be something on a sub-conscious level that created the perception of needing to get out of a situation. We don't just suddenly think 'its time to move on' ... the thought comes after a long chain of preparations that doesn't even come from the sub-conscious. It comes from a deeper level still.

Thus when we consciously start the process, we are bound to feel fearful and unsure of the outcome. Human brains are wired to fear for our survival. so the first left brain reaction is to think the negative. We should instead think ourselves into as positive a state of mind as we can. We are after all getting out of an outgrown situation and not about to step from the frying pan into the fire.

More often than not we freely conclude a situation because its been outgrown and we need new avenues to explore.