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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Life Is So Different Now

Some decisions, at times, appear to be the hardest decision of all to make. You are in a routine, and in your comfort zone, and to make that decision means to break that routine and put pay to your comfort zone.An element of fear seemingly prevents you from taking that step.

But when your comfort zone involves fighting to keep your head above the water, with your life path being that of climbing obstacle after obstacle with your nose constantly blooded from hitting it against brick walls, the decision is not that difficult after all.

Then when you press the button, and a path open up before you, with perfect synchronicity, you realise the choice should have been made earlier. Especially as all the pieces now fit so perfectly and your new life quickly replaces the old life ... the new life elements being much more close to your own vibration than the pieces of the old one.

When this happens, its not worth dwelling on what was. The old elements need to be ritually buried, and all ties broken. Unless of course you have left good friends behind in your old life. Then it is very hard to jettison them. Unless you leave it to the universe to either write them into the new script, or let them fade away naturally into mind's reference library.

No longer do you have to be frustrated with things going against you, even though in the new script you still have similar obstacles, you just know things will go your way this time. There is no rush to prove anything to yourself and others any more. Everything has its own time and place to occur. And occur it will ... life is so different now.