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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Magic Journeys Part #1

So today's 'Sunday Sojourn' has been and gone. What a magical experience it was, in more ways than one. The first part of the journey was to Long Meg & Her Daughters Druid Circle near Glassonby in Cumbria.

On arrival, the field in which the circle stands, was filled with gazing cows. For safety reasons (To the car), I parked behind a cattle grid about 1/4 mile away from the circle; as I didn't fancy the heavy weights of cows rubbing against the flimsy panels of the car.

I began my entry into the circle, commencing at Long Meg herself (Sophia) ... and then worked my way a full 360 degress clockwise around the circle (The Barrier between the higher aeon and the lower aeon); on the outside of the stones. I reached Long Meg (Sophia) at the end of my walk ... and then mentally asked permission to enter into the circle (I'd undertaken a pre-emptive undisclosed ritual prior to walking over to Long Meg (Sophia) the first time.

I then walked with purpose around the inside of the stones, before walking to the very centre of the circle and closing my eyes. There was no coincidence, or a medical condition to explain it away, when I immediately closed my eyes and felt an incredible surge of energy begin from my feet, which reached the top of my head and left me feeling light headed.

Ten or so minutes later, after the energy surge had receded, I walked around the far end of the circle and made my way to the sacred Oak trees ... my time, this time at the stones was over. The insights were incredible as was the truly upbeat feeling I was left with.

I begin my journey to my 2nd destination of the day  ........................