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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Magic Journeys #2

After leaving Long Meg (Sophia) and Her Daughters behind, I headed north for around another 50 minutes. Across limestone country I drove, fighting with an enraged spirit who's intention was to drive me off the road! A real mental battle, clairaudience extraordinaire, real not imagined. He was aggrieved I was alive and he was in the other worlds. He held me responsible. But how could I?

Then with that left far behind, after a white knuckle road around winding roads with sheer drops ... I reached destination #2 .... a place I last visited back in 1981-82! I had one word Polaroid photograph from back then to show for this journey back then.

Now I have sufficient photos in colour, in blue and in black white; a phenomenal waterfall in full spate. A deluge of tumbling water I captured from every angle I could. The place? High Force in Teesdale. A might and majestic waterfall ... an awesome place to visit that reminded me how incredible the landscape of the UK really is ....

After quarter filling my large memory card ... I reversed my journey back across the North Pennine moors ... until I spied my destination #3 ... not a destination I had planned until I saw it there on the horizon in front of me ....