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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Survival medicine: Are you familiar with the medicinal uses of honey?

Natural News: Honey possesses medicinal properties because it is full of sugar with little to no water content. In fact, honey will often draw water out of less-concentrated solutions that it comes into contact with via a process called osmosis.

Bacteria and other microbes, which are “less concentrated solutions,” can’t live and grow in honey. While some kinds of bacteria can survive in their dormant spore form, they will remain inactive until they’re out of the honey.

Honey also contains antioxidants which neutralize a lot of chemical reactions, such as those used by germs, cancer cells, and our own immune cells that may cause inflammation. The antioxidants in honey can render most toxic chemicals harmless.

Since bees make honey to feed their larvae, it often includes components that are “anti-bacterial and pro-immune defense.” It might even have additional components which may be unique to specific plants that the bees visited to make more>>>...