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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The Rune Ac

The Rune AC is associated with the Oak Tree.and the oaken stave. Oak was one of the trees referred to as "iron wood" because of its strength and endurance, and also because it was frequently struck by lightning and exploded in fire. Oak trees are poor conductors and the lightning tends to blow them up rather than run smoothly down them.

Because of this, they are revered for bringing controllable fire to humanity.

The Rune Ac is the lightning rod for the fears and anger of others, whether or not it is deserved. With Ac, you will have to stand as strong as the oak tree, and endure the blows and flames.This is a strengthening process ... like the molten sword blade being sudden cooled by water to make it ready for battle.

Ac as the keyword of 'Endurance'. Ac is the rooted tree and the high mountain. (Northern Shamanism)