Search A Light In The Darkness

Thursday, 14 June 2018

The Rune Dagaz

The Rune Dagaz (Daeg) literally means 'Dawn' and has the esoteric meaning of 'Awakening'. The awakening/new dawn can, more often than not, lead to new horizons or pastures new. As result of an awakening life can be seen in a new light ... a new dawn.

The rune covers the darkest moments prior to the awakening ... and often it may be necessary to leave established habits, or thought processes, for this awakening to occur. Otherwise a comfort zone may prevent acting on the light from the new dawn. Some times it is advised to have a holiday or a time away in order for the awakening effect to occur.

"Archaeological evidence proves that Dagaz has been used as a symbol of Light for more than four thousand years. It is the rune of hyper-consciousness. Achievement of this state of mind SEEMS to be a relatively rare occurrence in human life at this stage of evolution. Dagaz can be used to gain absolute stillness. It is invisible transforming power. The vibrational patterns of the self, or an object can be dampened so that the perception of material things to the human eye grow faint. Finding this point of poise takes great skill and practice with Dagaz but mastery of this rune of enlightenment leads down the path of disappearance. Mastery of invisibility leads to the understanding of existence through its opposite: non-existence." [Rune Secrets]