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Monday, 4 June 2018

You are More Than You Ever Know

High Force in Teesdale
The enormity of everything just complicates it all. It makes us see ourselves as a meaningless needle and one mighty, big haystack. It makes us forget just how important we are.

That one needle may in truth be the straw that breaks the camel's back (The old sayings are the best, don't you think?). No its true. How can you find our just how close you are to breaking through the wall, if you stop digging? The next bash against the wall might be the break through; and you'd never find out if you stopped now.

Forget about looking at things from the SMALL perspective. The chemical accident in the infinite universe is the mentality that THEY want you to think. It brings you down to the level that THEY want you to be at. You must remember the universe is in truth holographic in nature. Which means you have all the pieces, and the meanings, and the explanations, and all the answers, and all the questions .... in you. You should never allow yourself to think you are worthless ever again.

They invent a hierarchy of 'spiritual ranks' with humans well down the ladder, again to keep you thinking small. They convince so many with their STORIES of angels, archangels, guides, ascended masters etc and them being more evolved than we are, and that we need their guidance to move on to higher planes! Its cleverly done to make you think you don't have the answers, and that your need to connect with these illusions to get anywhere. They have the power and the technology to convince you these imaginary beings exist ... yes they do. Its all a myth to help take your power away.

Your power is limitless and infinite; they know that but they don't want you knowing that. Instead they come up with the ways and the means to have you GIVE your power to them. They intimidate you with the confusing information and disinformation game that's out there. So many conspiracy theories are started by the very people the conspiracy theories damn and accuse! Its simple hiding the truth in plain sight.

Designed to keep you feeling tiny and powerless. You will be powerless if you keep giving your power away. Stop that right now by seizing the realisation of just how strong and mighty you are. Where you really come from, for example, is a very powerful dimension compared with the false light this one emanates. They want you not to remember. For a fully conscious flash back of your home dimension will result in a chain reaction that would effectively put this false reality in serious jeopardy. ... that cannot be made to happen.

Its time to remember beyond the memory of the tiny needle in the might haystack ...