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Monday, 9 July 2018

Gripe of the Day - Virgin Media Broadband is Dead Slow Again

Guess what my Gripe of the Day is tonight? Yes, you guessed it .... Snail's Pace VIRGIN MEDIA SUPERFAST BROADBAND ... which does not deliver!

Been studying the broadband coming to my laptop. It is clearly not my laptop and is indeed Virgin Media failing to deliver the speed and the service they advertise .... for me it is a blatant lie that their service is super fast. It is dead stop slow.

I have again wasted another 42 minutes tonight waiting for an important web site to open and let me utilise its online service. It was only when I switched my laptop off; took out the battery and reset the laptop that the internet EVENTUALLY loaded at a sufficient speed to let me load this important page up.

It is VERY noticeable that Virgin Media are now delivering a chronic service that fails to provide me with an adequate speed ... I am located on a 2nd floor about 20 - 30 feet away from the VIRGIN MEDIA router located downstairs. I have a booster gadget that uses the copper wires of the electrical supply to supposedly whizz up my signal to unbelievable speeds. It doesn't!

This appears to be a permanent scenario for around another 12 months. DO NOT USE VIRGIN MEDIA BROADBAND. It is crap.