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Monday, 9 July 2018

The Real Issue

So it's an exciting week ahead for English football fans. They find out tomorrow night if its France or Belgium they could potentially meet in the World Cup Final on Sunday.

Wednesday night it the crunch night. A World Cup Semi Final tie against Croatia to decide whether its the World Cup Final they play in on Sunday or the 3rd & 4th Place Play Off ...

The Light of Truth Oracle favour England to overcome Croatia to reach their first World Cup Final since 1966.

Although this is a great opportunity and an exciting prospect, it needs to be put into perspective. Its only important if you perceive it to be important, so letting your thoughts be on this sporting event.

In the context of this virtual reality world, these unfolding events are just a distraction. Something to avert awareness away from the real event. The reason for this pirate copy world and the reasons behind 'mankind's imprisonment' in apparent 'hell'. Those are the real issues ...

And whilst the 'spiritual sheep' battle it out, a mountain goat keeps it all in perspective. Although it acknowledges its faults and failings as a human being, it also remembers its perfections and uniqueness as a divine spark. As a part of universal consciousness that is but a clone and replica of its real self. It understands it is a clone ... and not the real self ... although it has the awareness of its real self it is a clone. A clone like all the rest who are in this existence. Because existence within this pirate world has no bearing on real reality. Here is a prison cell where a parasite being has replicated consciousness so it can feed ... and remain in existence.

That is the real issue.