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Monday, 16 July 2018

It's Time To Start Un-thinking and Un-perceiving The Improbable

Its so vitally important to come to your own conclusions about what is occurring in the world around you. For your world is your world, and mine is mine, and everyone else's is everyone else's.

Its our perceptions that matter, and the thought energy they transmit into our thought form reality. There are so many traps and so many rewards ... our existence is pretty much like a classic game of Snakes and Ladders. We can't know what is truth and what are lies; what to believe and what to dismiss. There is so much information out there ... bundles of truth and bundles of lies. All tempting our perception taste buds like sugary sweets to a young child's palate.

That's why it is imperative, that in your version of this reality, your thoughts are created by perceptions you have control of, and have approved to be in your sub-conscious. Unless we stop and think ... and exert more control on what energy we put out into the thought fields, then collectively all our versions of this virtual reality will begin to actually create a horrible ending.

Something out there is willing us all to perceive, and therefore think, our doom. Something wants the creative aspect of our selves - the unique and infinite power of creation - to create our destruction. The signs are all around us ... we are travelling towards a needle's eye and what lies at the other end appears to be a choice between our redemption or our ultimate destruction. We cannot let artificial intelligence be advanced at the speed they are ... it is a lure and a trap ... but don't let my perception and thinking taint your own thoughts. I can only offer my vision of the end game in my reality, if we don't all think differently. Mankind will cease to be biological ... it will become technological ... and cease to be connected to infinite consciousness.

Time is still in our favour as that which pushes us towards the brink, hesitates ... and draws its breath for the final push. We witness the commencement of a space race and private companies, and now countries, joining in the intention to fire rockets into the sky and space. Why? What is the grand plan .... 5G! They need thousands of satellites to create the 5G grid. This is their end game.

It's time to start un-thinking and un-perceiving the plans and ideas they are deliberately putting out on the web! It's time to start un-thinking the improbable conspiracies ... by un-thinking something you prevent feeding it the energy it needs to be manifested. That is the important concept here. Whilst you think and perceive these improbable futures, your mind busily tries to comprehend how it would be ... and those instances you are helping to create that outcome. Ignore the urges to think these improbables .... and focus instead on thinking into existence the outcomes that are beneficial to us all ... I will leave you with that idea so you can perhaps perceive then think what that might be to thus help commence putting a more positive flow of thought energy into the thought fields!