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Monday, 16 July 2018

The Omeyocan

“In the Omeyocan there is only wind and darkness. The Omeyocan is also call Yoalli-Ehecatl, because of the wind and the darkness.

In the Omeyocan the infinite stillness swirls about before the manifestation of the Solar Logos. The Omeyocan is the cosmic navel of the Universe where the infinitely large bursts into the infinitely small, into reciprocal whirlwinds.

The Omeyocan is the Tloque-Nahuaque, it is nocturnal tempest of all possibilities. The Omeyocan is the navel where the Diverse becomes Universe.

The Omeyocan is the Lord of the Night, the black Tezcatlipoca who by denying his Self, bursts into Light and is born in the Universe that fecundates Quetzalcoatl, the Solar Logos
. - Samael Aun Weor

The Omeyocan is the place where we find only darkness and wind in reciprocal whirlwinds, like chaos. That is the Omeyocan. .