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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Servitors Of The Greater Selves?

Maybe we are a servitor cast into this electronic world, on a voyage of seeking, by our greater self. Perhaps we are all servitors sent into this matrix by a master magician. A truthsayer on a highly advanced vibration seeking answers to his billions of thoughts?

A servitor is always shaped into a thought form of curiosity, It is an essence of its creator. It has a limited life span. Usually dying once that which was sought has been found. We are said to be shaped in the form of our creator. We have a limited life span. Maybe our lives come to a close when that which was sought, by our existence in this electronic world, has been found.

There are certainly more highly evolved beings, than ourselves, out there. It is total nonsense to believe we are the only life forms. We may be like the amoeba to those who look down upon us as they gaze within the limitations of this 3rd dimension. We are certainly playthings and products of something much greater. We certainly are prey to some nasty predators. But that is not deemed to be our reason for existence.

We are seekers. We are adventurers. We are most certainly something mighty, not something insignificant. But are we merely servitors of the greater selves? Thought forms created by our higher selves or self ... sent to find ... find out what?