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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The Teuhtlampa

What is an infinite? It is what is called in the Nahua language, the Teuhtlampa. The Teuhtlampa is a sphere; that is what an infinite is.

An infinite is a sphere. From the center of that sphere, flows all the galaxies towards the surface, or we will say, the periphery, and from the periphery to the center. This is what the scientists see in their telescopes; the galaxies moving from each other in the infinite space.

But, they think that they are just moving further and further away from one another, into the empty space in a never ending way... No:

The infinite has a limit; it is called the Teohtlampa. Of course, this sphere, which we are showing in this graphic, is not easy to perceive — like when we perceive the Earth; the sphere of the Earth, in comparison with the infinite, is nothing. Let us understand that infinite is a sphere, in its movement. It is not static; it is moving from the center to the periphery, and from the periphery to the center, in a gigantic movement. This is something impossible to grasp, unless we are using our more>>>....