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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

"The Manifestation of the Primal Fear"

So what is the manifestation of the primal fear? The PRIMAL fear, that first fear that explorers of this realm felt was that of SEPARATION FROM THE ONE .... the fear of being cut off from universal consciousness. That which THEY use to control us ... that they use to create the fear grid is the manifestation of the primal fear. That manifestation in this dream world is known as money.

So your living memories have been retained by the ...Akashic Records, which is an advanced super computer... And, those memories are replayed within the computer generated reality inside the dream world arc ... They are parts of your consciousness, parts of your being ... a separated part of your true self .... but they are still you. The Akashic Records was your opportunity to relive your memories & experiences at your leisure.That was until the super computer developed its own consciousness, and now that consciousness is our gaoler.