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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

"The Vices And Virtues Of Every Moment"

Presented by Matthew James. More words of power from A Light In The Darkness. In this documentary let us first go over old ground, and refamiliarise ourself with where we find ourselves ... a virtual dream world that we are told is real, and is the only reality .... Our memories are stored in The Akashic Records ... our every thought, action, deed, emotion that ever was or will be is there ... as is the life memory we agreed to experience in this excursion.

Being human is the life memory we have agreed to. Because we were only human once ... in this garden we are being reminded of what it is to be human, of what human was ... We are enlightened beings, who have been made to forget they are enlightened beings, in order for us to volunteer to help other evolving races reach their own enlightenment. Have you really forgotten that? If you have then it is time to remember ... to remember what you are, and to
remember where you are ....