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Monday, 9 May 2016

What are Glamis Castle’s horrible secrets?

When you hear or tell stories of Scottish castles, myths and legends, there is little doubt that Glamis Castle will be amongst them. Located in the village of Glamis in Angus, Scotland, the castle is dripping in history and tales of murder, monsters, ghosts and devilish card games. It is thought to be the most haunted castle in Scotland.

There are several tales of a Glamis “monster'”, which involves a hidden room and a hideous monster which resides in it. Although, it is a macabre tale of a badly-deformed child, thought to be the son of the 11th Earl of Strathmore born in 1821. So severe were the deformities, they registered the child as dead and locked him away in a secret room, not expecting him to live beyond infancy. However, the child grew to be an enormous man of great strength and lived for near a century. When any men in the family turned 21, they were offered the chance to see the secret horror of Glamis and see the secret room and what it held. Some of the men refused, afraid of going insane. There is another story of guests staying at the castle who were seeking out the secret room and decided to hang towels from the windows of rooms they could get into. On going outside to look, many of the windows did not have towels hanging from them. The ghost of the Monster apparently roams the “Mad Earls’ Walk” on the roof of the castle. (Spooky Isles)

Thus Glamis' history has been a highly public and visible one that ties our modern world all the way back with medieval times. And throughout all those centuries, it's held a secret. Legend says that the secret has been known only to the Earl himself, and passed on from elder son to elder son. The secret concerns a hidden room and a living beast known only as the Monster of Glamis.

Our task today is to look at what's known about the Monster, and come to an informed best-bet conclusion to whether it really ever existed at all; or indeed, may even still haunt the grounds more>>>...