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Friday, 27 May 2016

Welcome To The Dream World Holodeck

We are ONE Planetary Being, who appears to be manifest as MANY. The expression "appears to be" is key to understanding what is going on here. That "Oneself Being" alternates (flickers, in awareness) between Unity and Complexity....with natural Oneself Consciousness serving as a kind of touchstone, which has power to clear a person's intellectual and emotional palette for the next "course" being served at this 3D Banquet of Life. And we are doing this at every level.

The 3D Construct is actually a perceptual tool, within which we "Immortals" get to play out our proposed scenarios for living---integrating lessons, feelings, and experiences along the way.

In one sense, we are each Producers, Directors, Actors, and Audiences for our own motion pictures. Each lifetime is a movie unto itself. Each person is his own universe. In each universe, everyone and everything is a mirror of that one being. Physicality is NOT objective. Even objects have consciousness. We all simply express our consciousness in different more>>>...