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Monday, 16 May 2016

Willie Wagtail - Totem Animal of the Day

It is believed that having a Willie (or Willy) wagtail as your animal totem brings you to live with the feeling of excitement and gregariousness.

In Australia, this bird is considered as the largest among the breed of fantails. It is known for its preying strategy using its “fantail” to disturb grasses where insect thrives which they will later catch and eat.

Willie Wagtails are considered territorial. They are very aggressive and noisy when defending their nest sites and territory. However, they are also considered to be friendly and can be tamed since they are tolerant of human activity for their common habitat is in urban areas. It is immediately recognizable when they are in defense of their territory, they will be heard chattering noisily but the fluting call is sweet to listen to.

Seeing a Willie Wagtail is a reminder to stay cheerful. It is a healthy practice to make ourselves feel light and happy. Being cheerful and gregarious to others will earn us the same treatment which in turn makes our lives happy and call it - worth living. This is the gift of Willie Wagtail. Bring cheerfulness to others, make them happy and feel the same as they smile back at you as if a form of sending their gratitude for magnifying that happy feeling. Share this gift to others. This characteristic of the fantail reminds us of being kind hearted despite of feeling down or unhappy. Our gestures and words can greatly affect others. It is better to have a heart for making other people happy and this can be communicated through our kin interaction with more>>>...