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Monday, 9 May 2016

'Ghost' spotted in background of Goodlife Festival photo

An eerie photograph taken at a music festival in Brisbane has revealed the shadowy figure of a young girl holding a teddy bear in the background.

And, to make things even more mysterious, Good Life Festival management have released a statement confirming that the photo is legitimate.

Hysteria began online when promoters shared a photo of the event at the Brisbane Showgrounds.

The original photo shows revellers in the foreground with a lit-up stage behind them and at first glance, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary.

From a distance it could be mistaken as a cloud of smoke, but a closer look of the picture reveals the figure of a young girl with dark hair, wearing a white dress and holding a teddy bear as she stands on the roof of a warehouse in the background.

The spooky image has left many viewers stunned.

“We have checked with the photographer who took the photo and the original image from the memory stick also shows the girl,” the statement reads.

“We have since spoken with the Brisbane Showgrounds who have revealed that ground staff refuse to go near one of the old warehouses after repeated sightings of a young girl. It is rumoured a little girl named Lucy died at the site in the early 1900's and has haunted it since.”

As the story goes, Lucy Jane McConnell died after falling from the roof of the warehouse trying to get a glimpse of a fireworks display in more>>>...