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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sharon Osbourne slammed after branding the parents of missing Madeleine McCann 'insane' for leaving daughter alone

Daily Mail: Sharon Osbourne has caused a stir after she suggested the parents of Madeleine McCann were 'insane' for leaving their daughter alone on the night she went missing.The 63-year-old made the comments on her US chat show The Talk while discussing a thread on Mumsnet, which asked whether it was ever okay to leave a 10-month-old baby home alone. In reference to Kate and Gerry McCann, the former X Factor judge criticised parents who would even consider doing this on the CBS show on Friday.

She said: 'I will tell you a very quick story. There was a husband and wife on holiday in Portugal. They left their baby in the room sleeping, sleeping while they went to dinner in the restaurant.While they were in the resort their baby was taken. And it is like, 'Oh but we can see everything that is going on' and it is, like, insane.'

A friend of the McCann family spoke to The Mirror after the show was broadcast and claimed Sharon's remarks were 'ignorant' and 'ill-informed' more>>>... S.O needs to get the real facts before criticising based on a cover story!