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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Does footage of a 1995 Mike Tyson fight show a ‘time traveller’ using a smartphone to record the bout

Daily Mail: The first camera phone was sold in 2000, yet skeptics say they have spotted one in the footage of a Mike Tyson boxing match from 1995. The clip appears to show a spectator standing in the front row using a smartphone to record Mike Tyson battle it out with Peter McNeeley in the ring.

Conspiracy theorist say it could only be a human time traveler from the future or an alien from an advanced technological civilization enjoying a holiday on Earth - while detractors say it could actually be an early digital camera. The match took place in Las Vegas Nevada and was the first time in four years Tyson had taken the ring. It was the highest grossing fight in history during the time and gained international headlines, but now some believe it might have received universal attention.

The video was first published on YouTube in September 2015 by has since resurfaced by other conspiracy theorists searching for answers.

JammyBantam, the first YouTuber to release this bizarre sighting, explains the object has a lens in the center, just like a smartphone, and makes it clear that no camera’s in the 1990s were designed to look like the device in the clip –'it even flashes red ffs', he shared.

‘I dunno if it's a time traveller or not, but no one can explain what camera it is; a QV-100 doesn't have a silver bit on the right, and this camera doesn't seem to have a black line under the lens,’ JammyBantam shares in the video more>>>...