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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

What are these mysterious 'pillars' on the moon? UFO-hunters claim video shows 'structure' on lunar surface

Daily Mail: A video has emerged claiming five '200ft pillars on the moon's surface' are proof of alien life. UFO-hunters Secureteam used Google Earth to track down the pyramid-like structures on the rim of a crater which they insist are extra-terrestrial ruins.

The narrator of the grainy footage also pointed to other mysterious shapes on the lunar surface which he claimed NASA had tried to 'airbrush out'. The Youtube video, posted on Sunday, features a shadowy image which appears to show the towering structures at the coordinates: 21° 4' 2.23 N, 148° 39'12.30" E. It focuses on the 'massive three pillars' before pointing out what looks like two other pillars that stand on either more>>>...