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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Daily Merlin Insights

There are nearly 600 Daily Merlin Insights, on A Light In The Darkness, stretching back to May 2007 (457). The majority are in 'deliberate' cryptic dialogue due to the sensitive nature of the content.

The family concerned with the subject of the Daily Merlin Insights were at one time in regular, unofficial, contact with myself. I have a number of key items in my possession sent to me, to aid me in my insights. By psychometric means I provided information to members of this family.

I remained focused and resolute in my intuitive insights. The person in the middle of this tragedy, a tragedy which made headline news all over the world, was still alive. IS STILL ALIVE.

I know the why. Certain members of the family confirmed I was 100% hammer on the nail with the trail I was following. A trail which went down a really deep rabbit hole. So much so I had BIG PEOPLE watching me and my web site at this height of this situation. So BIG in fact I decided to go for radio silence due to the enormity and the implications of this situation. I never set out deliberately to get involved in this situation, it just happened. The how and the why are outlined in the Daily Merlin Insights plus the 357 experience I had.