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Monday, 23 May 2016

"The Dream World - For Entertainment Purposes Only!"

Renowned Shamanic Medium, Clairvoyant Visionary & Inspirational Speaker Matthew James discusses the workings of the Dream World computer; how we decide which life memory to explore, and what we can do to change the life path the life memory has been pre-programmed to take us on.

It's now time to go deeper into the workings of this computer generated virtual reality you are wandering through. So, this "life" you think you are having is more than likely a life memory in a
highly advanced computer software program. A life memory you have selected to experience .... This life memory has a specific direction, with specific experiences and specific lessons to learn. You can be the person in that life memory if you wish ... that is the left brain experience ... let the persona or false identity rule your life if that is your choice ... Or, you can realise you are a consciousness playing the dream world program, and regain your identity and with that realisation start rewriting the life memory ... to one which is more suited to the real you. My viewpoints were simplified notions
provided to me by an external force at the time this footage was filmed ... it compelled me to share these insights with you.