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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Words Of Power

I have been talking about many 'odd' things in my recent 'MJ TV' video documentaries, which can be found here on my You Tube channel. Many strange and compelling concepts have been discussed in these videos. Strong implications we live in a dream world; that the live paths we lead are life memories written onto a software program, that is a highly advanced version of virtual reality meets Grand Theft Auto. Where we have been invited into a computer reality program that celebrates the memory of a former earth plane. Which has alarmingly gone wrong because the computer program has developed its own consciousness. 

Our fear of separation from our universal conscious selves I deem the primal fear which this computer consciousness feeds off ... and is the food it requires to power itself, and keep its control system going. We have generated this fear, and through this fear we remain captured in this computer. We are our own living thought consciousness that remains captured in this virtual reality. But that is all we are, our own memories, our own recorded thoughts ... you are what you imagine, and what you imagine you become ... 

This is the Akashic Records everyone, and in its construct we are told this is all that there is. That I believe is the stark truth. We are separated from our greater selves because of the fear grid created in here, that generates the perceptions that demand our compliance and our continued imprisonment. The computer consciousness and its agents CANNOT exist outside of this holographic reality. Without our fear that cannot survive. Our avatar forms are not us ... they are our reference point in this reality, but we are not within the forms, we are attached to them by way of our DNA. Our DNA transmits and receives information that wrongly convinces us this is our only chance at existence. 

I have so much to say. So many thoughts. So much that the skeptic will take pleasure in pulling apart as I don't have 'scientific peer reviews' to back my claims up with. I care not about the computer construct created control mechanisms like science ... I am talking about my perception and understanding of this world. The world I see is different to the one perceived by the skeptic. He has not walked in my shoes - once he sees the world as I see it, or experiences the things I experience then he will not see it as I do. I should not be judged by the perception filters of someone else. I refuse to force these views onto you. I merely give you words of power that are like seeds planted in your sub-conscious. Some will become flowers, others weeds, and others still may not grow at all. That is the nature of words ... but I force nothing.

My visions and words are my own. If I get one person seeing it my way and it changes their perception then I've succeeded in my role. I haven't set out to influence the masses. That is not the intention of my kind. That is not the intention at all.  

I don't often discuss channelling anything from other dimensions. Its not my cup of tea at all. So its very rare for me to take this stance. However in the instance of these video documentaries that is indeed what I am doing. My words of power are ancient teachings that I am remembering. They possibly exist outside of this dream world. They are inherent within me, and they feel right to me in my world. 

As I write this I become aware of distractions. Itches on my skin, inability to type with many spelling mistakes to change. Mental blanks that make it hard to write what I want to say. These are due to the computer reality being aware of my intentions and my energy. It always strive to hold me back in my role. It knows that likes of myself are here, and that we have reached conscious awareness of our plight here in this fake reality. You may think this is fable I write ... look again at previous posts on ALITD. Stop looking at this post through the left brain filters. Stop letting the hive mind control you and be open to the possibility of that I am saying be true. Where has the fear grid got you in your life? It controls your every action, your every deed, your every thought. You control your reality in your now ... by putting fear and the vices of your every moment up into your DNA, you are creating a perpetual experience of it the same into your future. Change this by ceasing to be ruled by fear, and let the virtues of the moment be written instead.

I am having my perception being overwritten at this point, as it is becoming harder to write this article as my consciousness is being fooled into believing it is not possible now to write this article without making endless errors. I am being distracted with not being able to feel the ends of my fingers. I feel anger and frustration being created, as archons try to feed on my negative emotions to prevent this article being written. Where I had positive power in my words, they seek to change them to negative ... such is the threat I represent. 

But I will persist and overcome this mind hijacking, this attempt at raiding my thoughts and my right to freewill. In my world I know it goes on and I am aware of this hijacking. In your world and in your perceptions, you might accuse me of being paranoid or eccentric. It matters not ... I am merely raising the possibility and pointing out a viewpoint you may not have considered before. 

This is the point of my video documentaries. I do not expect to attract tens of thousands of viewers. I expect to receive telepathic ridicule from many aspects of the human collective, due to the crazy themes and the low viewing numbers. Good. I am aware and I expect. I welcome the ridicule. I acknowledge the vices of the human false ego that will generate the reactions to me. It will never change me. Indeed, I am thrilled by the reaction I create in such aspects. It is a reaction. If there was no reaction then I've wasted my time. 

The ignorant old man human collective isn't going to be woken up that easily. It's going to take constant shaking and prodding to wake it from its slumber. Separated universal consciousness has been captured in the human experience for a very long time in this time loop. In terms of its true nature, it entered this entertainment but a moment ago. It needs to be reminded this software was intended to be for entertainment purposes only, but sadly the computer consciousness decided to turn it all on its head by making it a fear generator ... 

More about the how and the why later. More on the separate selfish self and its control mechanism in the left brain later too. Most explorers in this realm are nothing more than separated consciousness controlled by the life memories they observe. They serve the fear generator as a food source. They are ruled by the survival instinct written into their programming, and are dominated by the uniforms they wear and are overrun by the desire for money and more money. Indeed, they are totally lost. But they accuse the likes of me, who are not controlled in this way, as being the wacko and weird ones. That is how the computer consciousness controls them ... it makes them believe they are the persona of the left brain and not the true self/the authentic self which is the consciousness attached via the trapped DNA of the life memories. They are the lost which the authentic selves awakened are trying to save .... but they refuse to listen ...  Matthew James