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Friday, 6 May 2016

A Miracle Needed

Not since The Tangerine Dream blog back in 2011 have we made English Soccer predictions for MJ's home team Blackpool FC. It's a long time since the English Premier League ... Blackpool face an almost certain drop into the fourth tier of English Football. That will be three relegations in the last 5 years. Relegation from the Premier League after one season in 2011. Relegation from the Championship last season into the 1st Division and now a drop from that division after the final game on Saturday. Yes? We would say so.

Blackpool MUST beat Peterborough Utd away on Saturday and hope that Fleetwood Town lose to bottom club Crewe. If this happened, Blackpool would remain and Fleetwood would be relegated instead. If Fleetwood win or draw then Blackpool are relegated. So a miracle is needed.

Above are Servants Of The Light tarot cards picked for both games in order to predict a likely outcome.

On first viewing the cards appear to suggest a survival by Blackpool FC. Their cards are The Magician and a reversed 4 of Crescents. The reversed 4 of Crescents suggests avoiding the drop to the 4th tier ... hence the crescents rising not falling. The Magician providing the indication they pull the rabbit out of the hat as the magician. The User of Staves and The World card for Peterborough plotting something out of the ordinary enabling Blackpool to win by a one goal margin. The 7 of Crescents hinting at the improbably taking place.

The 1 on the Magician suggests Blackpool surviving by 1 point.

That is on first viewing.

Gazing at Fleetwood's cards reveals the Giver of Weapons reversed and Justice ... a combination if this was a relationship reading would indicate a divorce ... losing their manager after the game? A relegation? The Keeper of Weapons centrally reversed is not very clear in its meaning, except the character would fall down if upside down which suggest Fleetwood will fall out of the division. Crewe's cards shows that their plight was already clear before the game. The 8 of Weapons suggests their bottom of the ladder plight whatever happens. The Maker of Staves is similar in a sense to The Magician card. In Blackpool's cards The Magician suggested a win by The Seasiders. So does it suggest a win by Crewe?

This is first viewing.

But what does gut instinct say? Left brain suggests a 5-1 win by Peterborough which relegates Blackpool. Crewe will probably lose to Fleetwood Town.