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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Daily Merlin for 24th May 2016

We return to the 'Mystery of The Shining Star'. The central, significator, is The Shining Star in order to review the current situation around her. The first thing to note is the small 'X' stone on the bottom left of The Star image. 'X' marks the spot, but where? Maybe? What springs to mind, first, are the possible negative interpretations of this X ... X marks the spot of a burial site? That is what we have been led to believe. But intuitively this is not the case as the 'X' appears above ground on The Star image. So ... intuitive trails lead to where? Meaning she is still alive?  X is the rune GEFU ... meaning 'gift' or the 'unexpected'. Looking to the left of the image, we get The Sun card - stability and security of the established story. 8 of Staves the hurdles and obstacles deliberately place to hide the truth. 2 of Weapons contends the two sides to the story; or the two stories - the media hyped bullshit and the true story. 

So where is The Shining Star? What are the current intuitive clues in this spread?Are there any? 6 of Staves shows six flags placed on an incline or a hill, the 7 of Crescents shows seven steps down or up from water, or a beach/cove. Clues to a locality? The 2 of Spheres, The Devil and The Priest portray the future in the spread, but are also important forensic tarot images ... The Devil is FEAR and that which prevents the truth from being revealed. The Priest is the Hierophant or the Wounded Healer, Chiron. There is the religious/medical implication of the situation, again. The reason for the truth not being revealed. Certain religious and medical institutes would be seen in a different light if the truth was revealed. Hence the fear and the control mechanism to keep this hidden. This hints at an occult (Hidden) involvement here, again. There is deception here ... for sure ... the Two of Spheres show the scales of finance/money. The passage of finances from one establishment to an other. The passage or investment of monies. That which has been paid/received with regard to the disappearance of The Shining Star ... 

It's time to descend once more into this mystery, over the coming weeks. The Two Old Dears are back - Doris and Alice - one has provided me the smell of potato cakes, and the essence of movement in this mystery. A re-assurance that MM is still very much alive ... is a commodity worth a sum of money; a case of blackmail? A series of missions or jobs to be undertaken to get her back? - Matthew James