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Thursday, 19 May 2016

A Case Of Fake Memory Syndrome?


*Does it really happen?

*Are we being fooled into returning to this dream world by the fake law of karma? Compelled by malevolent forces to remain in a false dimension I call 'the fear grid'?

*Are past life memories the relevant 'reference material' we acquire prior to are 'incarnation' ... that we store in the DNA memory banks to assist us in this adventure? Are these memories copied over from The Akashic Records, a bit like cutting and pasting files from a computer server onto your own computer hard drive?

*Are we all first timers in body experiencing a new dream world dimension for the very first time? The pioneers of a new virtual reality world? Fooled into believing there have been a millenia of visitors prior to ourselves?

*Are we captured in a time loop for these malevolent forces to have power and dominion over us? Because they can't anywhere else?

*Are we part of a genetic experiment somehow?