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Monday, 17 October 2016

The Game of Snakes and Ladders

The time for making drastic decisions is not now. It is not the time to effect any change that will disrupt the current time line. It is as it is, and it is as it is meant to be. Everything is finely balanced. Everything is different this time, you can tell this by the frustrations you have about everything. All the over analysing of thoughts and actions from the past, is really worth it. 

Very much part of the process.  As a walker between the worlds you've travelled through time back into the past, adjusting things, to make the future what it is to be. By changing thoughts, perceptions, you've affected that which is being approached. It is difficult to know, as a human being trapped in five sensory reality, whether what you've woven as a Norn-descendant is indeed the correct trail. 

Fear not, you've been guided by higher powers who've sensed you remaking the jigsaw using the pieces in a different way. Your actions, at times have not been your own. You've been an ambassador to the other worlds. Again with feet in both worlds, wandering through the aethers. Through the webs of time. For they say, in your world, that time is one of the dimensions. It may well be. But where you venture to is beyond time. It is beyond the mirror, and it is a realm where you are able to clearly look within. You can clearly see the time lines that have been played, you can clearly splice and cut those lines, and change that which you've walked. Not just affecting yourself, but everyone, for huge ripples are sent through all the actors in the Akashic Record game. Thus it is a mighty undertaking. One you cannot do alone. Know there are many others who've done the same. And continue to do the same. 

It is time to sit back and observe. Do not react to the stimuli around you. Observe this stage of the time line. It is lupendo and the long dark night for a reason. You will survive; you have survived - you've seen that. There is success and  merely observing it shall not be undermined. Merely watch and wait. See how others fall and others rise. Watch the snakes and the ladders; watch others throw their weighted dices. Know it is as it is all meant to be.