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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Discussion Point - Do Aliens Exist?

Do aliens exist? Or in other words do 'beings with a non-human appearance' exist? There is growing evidence to suggest YES they do. Evidence from ancient times completely surrounds us ... all pointing to mankind having other neighbours in space, and on other dimensions. There are artifacts, writings, buildings and incredible structures, roads, skeletons etc that probe we are not alone. But we are kept in the dark with the 'we are alone' perception to hide the truth from our minds. 

Having actually seen real living 'aliens' myself, yes ... I know they exist.

But for the majority of human beings who's perception writes into the reality 'aliens don't exist' .... aliens don't exist. They won't see a single alien because of the mind games that this particular perception creates. Aliens are in PLAIN SIGHT on this earth plane, but because the mind is told not to see them because they don't exist, the mind will see instead the appearance of a human being instead of the 'beings with non-human; appearance. Plus these races are adept at mind control and also have additional strands of their DNA active that permits them to 'shape shift' or 'change their vibration to that of a vibration that can either be human or not.

Then there are the aliens that look identical to us, but are actually of a different origin to us .... but YES aliens exist. Like I said earlier, and on various posts in the past, I have seen aliens .... of different appearances. Some very much of a human appearance until I was either able to see its true appearance, or it shifted into its true appearance. Then there was a group of five aliens that were most definitely not human in appearance .... Matthew James