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Friday, 8 June 2018

The Power Of Thoughts – Introduction Into Egregores

The Diamond Tablet: We often hear that ‘thoughts have a real power’, most people tend to perceive this phrase as some sort of an allegory, though.

Meanwhile, its meaning should be taken absolutely literally. Our thoughts are what creates our lives, influences our health, successes or failures and also initiate the process what we call ‘karma’.

Let’s look at it closer.It was only recently that the scientists managed to discover that our thoughts have a mass. They conducted an experiment, in which the ultra-precise scales have shown that a person mass was slightly increasing during a process of intensive visualisation and decreasing while in trance. There were also allegedly successful attempts of photographing thoughts, which revealed that positive thoughts have a regular structure and clear colours, while negative thoughts are ugly misshaped and their colours are murky.

That corresponds with the discovery of a Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, who managed to establish a link between our thoughts and crystals of water. In his experiment, Emoto wrote words in different languages and attached them to test-tubes. He then froze the samples of water and photographed the crystals. Comparing to the crystals of ‘untreated’ water, the samples which were exposed to the influence of different words, changed their shapes in accordance to the meaning. Water from the test-tubes with words like ‘thank you’, ‘love’, ‘harmony’ etc has developed beautifully formed crystals, while the samples treated with hateful words produced crystals which were visibly more>>>....