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Friday, 8 June 2018

Thought Forms Of Battle

This is the exact spot where the clairaudient sounds of screaming voices and battle started for me last Sunday. This is Brough Castle and it was once a Norman stronghold; that was until the 11th Century when it was besieged and overrun by marauding Scots.

That event represents moments of intense emotions and strong thought form energies that somehow have remained in this area of the courtyard. As a sensitive and empath I somehow tapped into that thought form and heard it as if I was there. In the first person I was aware of what was going on through my mind. Through the recording of someone's hearing at the time.

That is how I have comprehended this. I had picked up on the emotional recording of one person who was present at the time who had been understandably traumatised by the massacre/fighting that was going on around them. That recording had thus been kept in that location and I had tapped into that recording with my mind. It was a strange experience.

Made more strange by Arabic voices being part of that emotional thought form recording. Arabic voices in 11th century England? Very strange. Nothing in recorded history can surely explain it. Its only when I turn to stories and fables that I've heard about the Egyptian royal family taking to exile and making their way to Scotland, that this can make sense. Its controversial ... but it perhaps explains this strange experience.

Know that the scornful skeptics will read this article and laugh at ir all. So be it ... go back to your little world of blinkered experiences and limited comprehensions of the world, and leave the psychic phenomenon of the true dimensions to those who know and understand it. Because it doesn't happen to you doesn't mean it doesn't exist for others!  Rant over ....

Thought forms exist and are like tape or CD recordings awaiting the right device/mind to be played.