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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Hey, Do You Find Yourself The Outsider? Find Out Why ..

How often have you found yourself in a group situation where everyone else is seemingly having a good time, and sharing a laugh or two with each other? And you feel you are the one left out? 

Nobody is engaging with your in conversation and nobody is sharing a laugh with you? You feel like the outsider and you leave the situation feeling very upset and confused.

After such a situation it is so easy to develop a paranoia; or an aversion to those who we're seemingly leaving you out the night, week or day before. It's you and them right? An exclusive club that you are not a member of? The resentment is understandable if you find it happening on a daily basis too. If the same people are excluding you but are readily talking to each other, and sharing laughter.

It hurts being the outsider. It hurts being on the outside looking in. But the question is ... who is at fault here? You or them? Why is the problem with you? If you are being your true self, and others are ignoring you, or are not engaging with you, so what. You don't need them! They are clearly not on your wavelength, and why change your personality/frequency to be able to get them to relate to you? It's not easy being in this situation, but it is guaranteed that there will be someone just like you ... who is an outsider but has been forced to change their self in order to conform to the group mind. Eventually, this person will find themselves talking to you, and there will be some one that you can relate to.

If this doesn't happen ... don't feel you are to blame for the group mind not accepting the outsider. Remember like always attracts like; and if you are not with 'the in crowd' it matters not ... they are clearly not on your frequency. Therefore, you are wasting energy trying to get into 'the in crowd'.