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Thursday, 22 November 2018

The Blindfolded Humans & The Brainwashing Brigade

Explorers of human life are a little like miners going into an established mine, blindfolded or in total darkness. The miners are not told where anything of value is in the mine. In fact they are told only that there is a worked mine; given their spade and pointed in the direction of the mine entrance. They have no idea if there is anything of worth in the mine, and really don't expect to find anything.

Humans explore this virtual dimension effectively blind. They have little comprehension of what is really out there. They formulate their comprehension of this world by what they are told, shown and what they attempt to deduce for themselves.

It is a pitiful experience for so many on this world; and if the 'brainwashing brigade' are correct (I doubt very much they are, somehow) and this is indeed the only planet, in the trillions upon trillions of other planets that are out there, that has life on it, then it is a very cruel blow for humans to come into existence for a literal split second, and experience all this shit! And if they are correct about energy somehow becoming zilch after this life ... then it makes it even more harsh for humans!

These are the things that don't really compute with me, and never have! We come from nothing to experience this 'life' on the only world in the ENTIRE universe that has life. We are a cosmic accident; a very clever accident then eh? We then die and become nothing again. Mmmm ... how can you make nothing out of something I ask? 

Sorry but its BS. I have personally seen beyond death. Experienced being in a conscious state when my body had shut down. I saw a brief laser beam of light ... my intense pain gave way to absolute peace; and my awareness of this dimension switched off and I was TOTALLY somewhere else. I regrettably came back to earth and was immediately back in absolutely unbearable pain until I was given strong painkillers.

There are too many holes in the official 'stories' about life and the universe. Officialdom is too quick to set loose the skeptics and the experts to try to silence those who have experienced things outside of the box ... and those who can see through all the BS. We are bombarded with scientists and experts and critics etc etc ... 'She who protests too much' ...

 Basically, I've had absolute proof of NON-HUMAN LIFE. I've seen and heard consciousness that exists outside of this dimension. I've seen UFO's. I've had unseen outside forces physically touch me and grab my feet. I've heard disembodied voices calling my name. I've had external phenomenon known as fire letters approach me from an inner dimension then enter my consciousness producing a feeling beyond orgasm/ecstasy. I experienced levitation and being out of my body. The list goes on and on .... I cannot defy the reality I'm in and accept the 'official story' because the official story is a cover up.

The rabbit hole of cover up stories goes extremely deep. I've been to some of those deepest and darkest places in the rabbit hole ... and believe me ... what we are told is life is not even close to what this is really all about. I will divulge what I've seen at a later date ....