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Saturday, 24 November 2018

Another A.I Warning

We've already voiced our concern about the very sudden appearance of A.I in familiar products such as cars, watches, cameras, TV's etc ... but we must reinforce this concern having watched several night's UK TV and seen the increase in A.I product advertising.

It is subliminal advertising and programming at the onset of the New World Order. We are being constantly subjected to something which we haven't asked for, but are being made to accept that is what the future has in stall for us.

The Hidden Hand has taken it upon themselves, certainly not out of the goodness of their hearts, to decided for us that A.I products are the next generation technology. When were we asked? So, the reality is that we will be swamped more and more with products that are run by A.I. This is version 1. Then they will become more advanced and more intelligent on their own. Then the next versions will involve a hybridisation or Human-A.I interface.

Take note that its not hard to see that there will be cars and other familiar items where humans will be able to interface directly with the A.I computer. More and more advertising campaigns to get people subliminally programmed to the idea. Be wary. At the moment its smart phones, smart meters, smart T.V's, smart motorways ... what will it be like in say 2 years time? Look around you now and see how suddenly A.I has arrived ... and now its out in the open more. Ask yourself why?

We are the LAST generations of biological man. Soon .... if not already in some laboratory somewhere hidden away ... the dawn of computer man will arrive. All it takes is the 'sudden' discovery of a human brain to A.I computer interface .. and then hey presto there will be games and consules and devices that have human-A.I interfaces. Then its effectively goodbye biological man .

We think that this version of the earth is hell ... wait what happens when we interface to those A.I computers ... we become nothing more than shells ... our consciousness and human-ness goes forever. Along with our own control of our thoughts and emotions.

A.I is the key signpost ... and by the looks of it the Hidden Hand has its pied piper playing its flute and mesmerising mankind into the darkness ....