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Thursday, 29 November 2018

A Waking Dream

I was in the driving seat, my wife in the passenger seat. We were travelling along a country road which lead to a ploughed dirt laden field. We drove through this at high speed. I remember taking a few turns in this field and ploughing up some tracks in this dirt. Then we arrived at the fence line of this field; a narrow open gate; a black vehicle wanting to go through the opening at the same time as were going out the field. We passed each other and I remember catching the wing of the other car.

Then we were travelling down the main street of a country town where everyone was dressed the same, in a silly outfit; they all looked the same; they were all the same. They were clones of each other. 

I then awoke from the 'waking dream' ... and knew what the 'symbolism' was telling me. The most important realisation ... the village street where everyone was dressed the same; looked the same and where the same person ... that's human beings on earth ... all clones of each other. The essence of the moments preceding the street scene ... symbolic of coming back down the levels back to being connected to human form.