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Monday, 26 November 2018

The Discovery Of Core Beliefs

Humans are constantly bombarded with how they are meant to think; how they are supposed to look; how they are supposed to live; how they are meant to react to life situations. It's all about being told who you are. It is not about self discovery.

Core beliefs are sadly lost in this onslaught; a hurricane force wind that can blow right through a human life; meaning that the average human is never themselves; they never believe what they came into this virtual reality to believe. They spend these lives under the directive of perspectives that are planted in their conscious minds since they were an early child. That is the fact of living on this virtual world.

If we were to ask you to write down on a piece of paper, right now, three of your core beliefs, we bet the majority couldn't. 

Core beliefs are not adopted belief systems ... they are not conspiracy theories ... they are what your spirit knows to be FACTS. Facts that are inherent in your DNA and will over-ride the adopted belief systems. The core beliefs will have made you question your life on virtual earth for most of your life. Core beliefs will not let you hang on to adopted belief systems that don't work!

The only possible way to know what your core beliefs are is to connect totally 100% with your True Self, your spirit that exists beyond this fake world. Guides and ascended beings are figments of the mind and CANNOT tell you what your core beliefs are. If something tells you it knows what your core beliefs are then you are about to let an illusion make you dependent on it!

Core Beliefs do not come in the form of voices or visions or figments of imagination. They are CORE meaning they are what you are and what you represent. They can only be found by destroying the false self totally and then working with what lies beyond those many layered illusions. Nothing to do with 'SOUL' is core belief ... and the way the frequencies are on this virtual world at the moment, it is nigh on impossible to break through the many layered illusions. So much bullshit exists out there ... and it is designed to keep you away from discovering self. 

The discovery occurs when you explore beyond the adopted false self/soul identity and you connect with the Spirit that observes the life you are fooled into thinking is you.